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Bungee Jumping Ideas

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Bungee Jumps

Unusual Bungee Jump Experiences - Gift Experience Bungee Jump Days for you to enjoy.

You have just clicked on the most gut wrenching and jaw dropping gift ever imagined. Shock a friend with a duo jump as a birthday treat on bungee jumping experience days. Scroll through the locations and book somewhere nearby or why not extend the trip with a day out in Blackpool or London to glorify the occasion. Thrill seekers will be spilling over with excitement as the day draws near for their chosen bungee jumping activity day ideas.

Bungee Jumping Day Gifts to Suit Everyone

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Activity Days Out for Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jump Gift Experience Activity

If you ever thought of jumping over a bridge then do it in style with bungee jumping gift days over the River Tee. The amazing heights of a 300ft crane jump is tantalising wicked for speed and fulfils the desires of any adrenaline junkie. If you have always done things in reverse then take the catapult from the ground to the sky as you soar like an eagle on activity gifts bungee jumping.

The Ultimate Bungee Jumping Activity

Get harnessed up and proceed with safety checks before the bungee cord is attached and there is no going back! Bungee jumping experience day gifts are not for the fainthearted and as you step onto the launch pad you will hear the words 3-2-1 bungee before your senses are alerted to the overwhelming freefall through the air. The cord will then pull a few times before you are rescued from the bungee jumping present ideas!


you don’t even want to think about bungee jumping activity days out unless you are fit and well and this excludes pregnancy, neck, back, neurological and heart problems. Selected dates on weekends are made during the year with unexpected high winds/rain affecting the jump with cancellation to another date. If you are aged 14 and over and you pass the health check you can be sure to take part on days out bungee jumping, if you dare.


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