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Ever thought about exactly what it might feel like to be in an automatic washer when it is on a fast spin? Check out Harness Zorbing the hottest experience intended for thrill seekers. A harness Zorb is when two people are secured inside the Zorb and then tossed down a hillside, very extreme. Step inside an inflatable ball and travel at speed down a grass hill on harness Zorbing gift experiences for the laugh of your life. This is a relatively new experience which has become very popular quickly with all ages. Liven up your weekend with a booked session for the coming weeks and arrange for a group of friends to meet up for an exhilarating day in the field. Harness Zorbing days out will be the hottest topic of discussion as you reminisce over the day.

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Harness Zorbing Gift Experience Activity

Arrive early at the venue for a full rundown of what happens on harness sphering activity days out. You will then walk to the top of the starting position where you can watch other riders take the plunge. If you still feel crazy enough you will then be strapped into the inflatable together before taking a deep breath as you are pushed over the line. You won’t know what end is up as you spin at speeds of up to 30 mph on harness Zorbing present ideas before rolling to a stop in a quick 60 seconds.

The Ultimate Harness Zorbing Activity

You must be open minded and of course fit and healthy to participate on harness Zorbing experience day gifts. Taking part is from as young as 12 years old to the great old age of 60 if you dare. Parental consent for under 18s and health checks are acknowledged on the day with the completion of a few forms. April to September is the general season for harness Zorbing activity gifts with the weather being the chief judge on the day.

You need to be crazy

No doubt you will be excited about booking gift days harness Zorbing so be sure to get there early and get the most out of the day ahead. Family and friends can watch on and take great delight in your challenge with a few photographs to capture the moment. You will only be out of the ball when you will feel like going again so make activity day ideas harness Zorbing your yearly target.


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